Friday, March 27, 2015

Awww, I miss my Seattle buds: no ECCC for me this year

One of the great joys the past few years here in TREKLAND, as the global genre landscape has evolved, has been getting out to a far wider swath of conventions than in years past—even to the big comic-cons… like Seattle's Emerald City Comic-Con.

And that's why, as some have already asked me, I'm bummed about not being there today as ECCC returns in all its booming, downtown-Seattle glory. I initially had a convention conflict this year, but as it turns out I'm using the break to go check in with my mom who's about on the same latitude as Seattle, over in northwest Montana.

Yeah, ECCC has been a destination for me in various guises ever since 2010—a first dip into a universe where I never saw myself. (I'm not a comics guy, right?)

But ECCC was my first-ever exposure with "tweet-ups" that year—thank you, Shannon and Matt of Seattle Geekly!—as well as the birth in 2012 of what's come to be called our "Dr. Trek Show"—the crowdfunder meetup for "The Con of Wrath." In the process I've watched ECCC explode, catch up with old friends, and grown a whole colony of new Trekland fans and supporters, and my thanks to all—and, yeah, I'm bummed to miss you guys this year at the Six Arms for our last-stand Sunday afterglow tradition. All Trek Seattle has been been a ton of fun AND very supportive as the documentary made micro-budget progress—and more on that coming, too.

Same goes for all my friends and followers in Seattle, and those in and out of ECCC who came by the table when I had one, much less our annual "Trekland: Between the Cracks" and other panels.
So 2015 is a break in my Seattle string. But this year is going to be different overall—fewer cons, and more new work— a lot of hard brainwork development and a continuation of what I started last year... but all for good reason. 

All the more reason why I'm gonna miss being in Seattle this weekend! But, here's to the good times—and a moment from each of our main 2012, 2013 and 2014 meetup groups ... and here's to hoping the big 5-0 anniversary year of 2016 in Trekland gets things back on track.

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