Friday, September 11, 2015

PORTAL 47 by Tuesday: BONUSES fixed and a new clear look

I've been hearing from more folks who were unable to sign in on the inaugural PORTAL 47 pilot session / sample "telebriefing" Tuesday night… or unwilling, given the new tech.  Or maybe, even this is your first notice.

See, you can now go right to the *regular* website, and get what you missed Wednesday.

And if you did miss it, you missed a bit of history.  We had some glitches, but I can't wait to mature that tool among the rest of the PORTAL package I've put together ….in my long hunt for unique ways to use my own 20+ years of archives, memories and Trek contacts… in a way fans have never seen before: a deep-dive mini-con right to your own "center seat."

Even though that was a sample call meshing two of our formats, I must share a big thanks to VGR/ENT 1st assistant director Mike DeMeritt  for just scratching the surface of what we'll get to with real and often under-heard Trek creators… and also the surprise commuting call-in from Trek fan>Producer Dave Rossi that kicked us off, even before the P47 members came in for a quick Roundtable.  In fact, I've got a blog coming about a point Dave posed. Hmmm!

The only bugaboo of the night was from me… FORGETTING to mention the three bonus gifts I had lined up for new Portallers to come aboard here in the Founding Time:
—a free Vol. 2 or 3 "On Speaker" CD of your choice
—an actual VGR/DS9/ENT call sheet
—and a free "13th month" of the PORTAL…. Which by next fall will have who knows how much more awesome than even now.

I just want to make sure everybody has a fair shot, and a clear shot, to see just what PORTAL 47 is al about, after these weeks of teasing:
So—I've extended the THREE inaugural sign-in bonuses a week—until midnight local time this Tuesday, Sept. 15. 

You're welcome—and here's the *regular* website link again.

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