Friday, September 18, 2015

Salt Lake ComicCon: What a line-up for Trekland!

They say that Salt Lake ComicCon is now the #3 geek/genre convention in the country now—after granddaddy San Diego and still-young New York CC. I guess I'm about to be two for three!

Yes, I'm SLCC-bound next weekend with a very full dance card, taking PORTAL 47 out for its first spin in public,  and well aware of the huge Trek turnout from the Utah/Idaho region at this otherwise multi-genre comic-con. I'll be at Booth 2254 at posted hours with a drawing for some rad real prizes —and gifts for PORTAL 47 on-site sign-ups.

I'm going to be doing everything from hosting Walter Koenig on stage to remembering Leonard Nimoy … and looking at the State of Trek was we barrell down into the big 5-0 anniversary.

Not to mention helping out with the WORLD PREMIERE of Star Trek Continues' Episode 5 and the panel afterward with Vic, Chris, Wyatt and Steve—and Lisa, and Daniel

And, of course, what's a convention on my guesting itinerary without a Dr. Trek crowdfunder night for The Con of Wrath—now into our wrap-up shooting year?

Doubly excited, as this will be the largest convention where PORTAL 47 is out in the open!  Thus, I'll have "On Speaker" CDs, my photos, and a drawing for three prizes at my table— two months of Portal 47 power, a TNG-era artifact from the Trekland Trunk, and a one-time Portal guest telebriefing jump-in, too (need not be present to win!). 

So if you are in SLC, be sure to come visit me at dear ol' Booth 2254 at the Salt Palace! Who knows—I may even do something radical and have an assistant this weekend.

The con sked for me is here … 

2 pm, Rm 355 — All about the for-real Enterprise in 4 pm, Grand Ballroom — Moderating for the great Walter!

5 pm, RM 255E — "Leonard Nimoy: A Retrospective"
6-7:30 pm, RM 355 — Star Trek Continues WORLD PREMIERE Ep. 5 screening/ panel
9-11 pm, Rm 151A: "Dr. Trek Show" crowdfunder event for The Con of Wrath

3 pm , RM 255E — "The State of Trek: Looking Ahead to Star Trek at 50" —Not my usual fan forum, but a panel leading and with Chris Doohan, John Eaves, Jonathan Croup

And there's a chance we will get to add one more for Thursday or Saturday.. stay tuned.

I was blown away by the depth of Trek fandom in Utah during the small but intense CONduit sci-fi con last spring… so this 

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Ok friend. Thanks for sharing and will see you Thur and Fri. Drop by Axanar Booth 3331 and say hello.