Thursday, November 26, 2015

Some new thoughts on thankful—Dateline: Trekland

Normally, any Thanksgiving post by me anywhere turns on a fun recall of the epic WKRP episode. You know.

But this year—and not through any trauma, or epic turn of life—I"m feeling my thankfulness in some all new ways. And no, not even for the 50th anniversary of this driving force that has entertained,  enraptured, inspired and even connected so many around the world in such good works and ideals.

And not even for a new series, finally... much less another stab at a feature film.

No, I'm feeling thankful for all of you out there who are reading these words, following my projects, sending good thoughts my way or even sounding off. And most of all, taking active part.

Because, bit by bit, that thankful feedback and my own slooow evolution of awareness has helped me to really, finally, figure out my place in Trekland...and the greater world today. Exciting wacky projects still come along out of the blue, of course, but the scariness of losing old "big box" bosses and paradigms has finally begun to yield to an excitement for the new world of DIY business ...and how that might apply to all things Trek.

And, especially, to those who love, treasure, and unabashedly honor Gene's creation as a driving force of fun or even philosophy in their lives.

Some of you may recall I talked about a couple of major goals at the dawn of 2014... and how I had to make priorities, even among my beloved Trek projects. Now, almost two years later, I'm finally getting there.

Finding the ways that today's tech and culture allow me to freshen the old, uncover the forgotten, and help those folks connect the Trek dots even as new dots are being created .... well, I'm grateful and thankful for the sense to figure that out, and for all those who seem to want me to. Just about the time I decided that every story, insight or memento in Trek's First Fifty is moldy-old or just tired ... along comes a new fan who needs a new shot of Trekland goodness—or a whole generation who does, too. And they in turn regurge, and bring a shiny fresh take on it to entertain and inspire all of us. Especially me!

I love how Trek, via its fans, never grows old. What a core, future-leaning gift of intelllgence, love, fun and respect that Gene and all his collaborators left us in that silly little failed TV show.

So yes—thanks to you all for finding the worth and enjoyment of my experiments in bringing  the Trek odyssey to life in unique, all-new ways —my ways— with On Speaker, with The Trekland Trunk... and now, especially, the real cherry on top: Portal 47.

It's still a new, evolving experiment with a long way to go, but I'm thankful so many of you all feel the ride is worth it, and continue to jump aboard—and share the word.

In fact, I'll be sharing a word or two here tomorrow on my new Trek works—just in time for Cyber Monday. More on that then, but for now...

No, I've never felt a Thanksgiving like this before. With the new economy, new self-awareness, and Gene's vision still exciting all of us young and old, I look forward to moving on ... with many more thankful days to come.

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