Friday, November 27, 2015

CYBER MONDAY Trek gift specials—EXTENDED !


When I started this blog and my website as an "entrepreneur," I had no idea that I'd have anything of my own to actually sell on it—besides some big, awesome, official, licensed product like Stellar Cartography.

But here it is 2015, and look:
Here's holiday gift ideas and CYBER-MONDAY specials just from me and my Trekland … and beyond!

Got a long-time Trekfan on your list who's been around the quadrant once or twice… or a newbie who wants to KNOW IT ALL RIGHT NOW… or even one across the miles who's pretty isolated? Well, may I suggest:

—For a stocking stuffer, the latest edition of TREKLAND: On Speaker, my remastered, theme-based audio chunks from my 500+ extended interviews with Trek’s actual creators —fresh from back in the day?  Volume 4 for 2015 spotlights four creators in Voyager’s premiere on its 20th anniversary, in CD jewel case with tri-fold photos and notes—and autographed if you like ($21.95 includes US/Canada postage; + $3.50 for foreign orders). And Volumes 2 and 3 are also still available, at a multi-discount.

—For a gift that gives a Trek fix all year long: My new PORTAL 47 deep-dive monthly fan experience —and right now with a couple of CYBER MONDAY special bonuses! For the cost of a movie for two each month, there is NOTHING like it in pop culture, much less Trek: A backstage pass live and online to the 24th century via my insider memories, archives and crew friends from the 80s, 90s and Aughts!  Your Trek insight goes to a new level, where no savvy fan has gone before! But hurry—these bonuses end at midnight Monday!

—And if you really want to mark Trek's big "5-0" with a big splash, can't beat  our Geek Nation Tours’ special extended 2016 edition of “LA2Vegas”Trek Film Sites tour with me as guide—ending at Vegas Trek, and this year adding an optional San Francisco leg to start.  

Or for the Trek tour experience in a one-day package: check out the Valley of Fire“Kirk Memorial” Adventure

If your gift hunches run to actual studio Trek production artifacts, just know we'll have more than the usual number of unique goodies in The Trekland Trunk as well the next few weeks—just check the Facebook page or Twitter ... or direct at eBay!

—Then again: For all those nieces, nephews, cousins, classmates, fellow science geeks…or anyone who cares about kids, education, and our future in space:  Don't forget that a ticket to fly any name into space as "virtual crew" costs only $20 at  Enterprise In Spacethe real-world, non-profit all-new space orbiter aiming to fly and return 100+ winning projects from students around the world, plus new aerospace tech and computer demos—paying homage to the best of inspired, future-leaning sci-fi and sci-fact.  

Your giftee's name is on a microchip, verified on a certificate and viewable on tour afterward as proof of their flying aboard the first true Enterprise in space!  I'm proud to be spokesman and lead outreach for EIS, reminding you that while a dozen space industry partners have pledged $27 million in in-kind donations, this simple $20 grassroots crowdfunding across the globe will let us get expenses covered right now as we build and contact more donors.

There you go—and for any Santa's budget! A batch of totally out-of-the-box gift ideas for that certain fan that take Trek, and the love of its vision for humanity, far off the retail path.

As always, for questions about any of my own or partnered projects, just email me at

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