Saturday, February 27, 2016

Best News Ever, Part 3: Bryan Fuller gets Nick Meyer onto #ST2017

See how simple it is when the right mix of pro producer and Trekkie get the keys? 

We are barely out of the gate, but if Bryan keeps making boldly obvious choices like adding Nick Meyer to his writing staff (and is allowed to) there's no telling what we'll be warping with come January. 

It also shows the paradigm-ripping nature of streaming, now. Just go be smart and creative--no TV-vs-film "boxes"/ labels to stop up the flow.

Hmmmm--maybe it's time to dig out my long Hi8 vidchat w Nick I never posted back from 2009.

Ironic it is that I last saw Nick at Harve Bennett's memorial last spring (photo above)--and now it's news because another Trek runner has come calling. Of course there's a lot of hurdles, both financial and human, to get over between now and premiere night. Nothing is ever certain, sadly.
But let's hope for at least an equal outcome to ST II Etc .... and to more undiscovered country in Trekland.

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