Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cheers and tears in the news: just give me a second

Wow. I'm already behind on posting some thoughts about the passing of longtime Trek art department staffer and all-around gizmo genus Anthony Frederickson last week...

And now the whiplash news of today: a Roddenberry back in the producer credits of a Star Trek series—congrats Rod! And to Trevor Roth as well! ....yet coupled with the shock news of the passing of Emmy-wining Trek (and rebooted Battlestar) visual effects producer Gary Hutzel at age 60. Gary, for one thing, was one of the four voices heard on Trekland: On Speaker Vol. 3, celebrating the 20th anniversary of DS9's finale.

It's all a bit much at the moment, a bizarre mix of joy and sadness...all juxtapositioned on a single day. I was looking forward to seeing all of these shortly, and now... well, some not as much.

More on all this when I can give them their due, each in its own mood.

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