Thursday, February 25, 2016

If you want on the Trek Tour bus '16, jump by Feb. 26!

RED ALERT: Friday, Feb. 26 is the deadline!

If you ever thought about jumping in on our special 50th anniversary edition of the #LA2Vegas Star Trek film site tour this summer, leading into the Vegas Khaan—and with the all-new San Francisco option—please reach out to "head geek" Teras Cassidy at @GeekNationTours by end of day Friday, Feb. 26.

One way I knew this Trek year was going to be "5-0 crazy" was how the tour this year has DOUBLED in size over any other. And we've barely done any regular promotion!

So, now... with STLV sold out, amazingly—there's not much point in keeping the Tour open. Of course, you can always come if you have your #STLV ticket safely in hand... or if you just want to come hang out around the con fringes at the Rio after your awesome trek across Hollywood and/or SF —but if so, you better sound off by the end-of-day tomorrow!

Check the details .... then fill out the website form or email Teras at —just to get the conversation started ... because this boutique company that does dozens of other "geek" tours as well—sci-fi to gaming, military to historical—will give you personal service and tweak it for you, any partners or spouses, or special needs you might have.

No wonder we've got a group twice as big as ever before (24, at last count—10 seats open; we don't open a second bus). It's taken two cycles, through 2012 and 2014, but now the word seems to be out about LA2Vegas—and 5-0 fever has not hurt any. Those GNT Trek tour bowling shirts are known around the Khaaan now, and the Facebook page albums for both past tours has more memories you can check out.  This year, with the earlier start in San Fran for many, I'll be talking for 10 days before I ever GET to Vegas—so we'll see how that goes!

Of course, there's still room to jump in on the "Kirk Memorial" one-day tour out to the Valley of Fire canyon on Tuesday, the day before the expanded con opens on Wednesday this year. It's one way to smaller leap, a smaller tab, and get a taste of what the booming Trek touring experience has become.

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