Monday, February 22, 2016

Old-school San Diego: See you at ConDor this weekend!

UPDATED with schedule adds/room changes: 

It's not often you get a chance to see three non-actor icons from the original Star Trek spotlighted at a convention—and at a hotel-based, sci-fi convention of not-insane size, on the old-school model. But come this weekend, Feb. 26-28, ConDor Con XXIII in San Diego is such an event—and I'm pleased to be a part of the bill that is headlined by three front-seat folks from the actual TOS Desilu days of the '60s.

Yes, you'll be able to see Dorothy Fontana, David Gerrold and Bjo Trimble as guests of honor—plus a whole lot more authors, artists, and the like. And you can still get in easily and economically!I am so thrilled to have been asked to join the guest list and have this chance—and if you can get yourself there to the Town & Country Resort in north San Diego, you should jump at the chance. Especially if your convention experience, all-Trek or otherwise, is of the huge ticket/ huge mob variety....cause this ain't.

What's more, Janet will be with me as a "low key" con guest for the first time since our Terraformers II Greece trip in 2010.

There's plenty of rooms and memberships (ie, tickets) available for one or all three days—and discounts for military and vets. And kids 12 and under free. Online reg is closed, but you can do it easily on-site.

Here's my own line-up for the weekend:

—Tabling, off and on in the dealer's roomwith a PORTAL 47 prize drawing on Sunday.


7pm: Meet the Guests/Opening Ceremonies (Le Chanticleer Room)

9:30 pm: The Captions Logged: Home Edition blooper image late-night caption contest that was such a hit at FedCon 2014, with prizes!  (Le Sommet Room)


—10 am: My main "Trekland: Between the CracksBig 5-0 Party" slideshow and fan forum hour (Windsor Rose Room)

—11 am: Open Autographs (Dealer's Room) (will be tabling otherwise most hours)

—Noon: Actual multi-panel: "
Star Trek: The Reboots" "Did Trek really need rebooting? And did the newest films do it justice, or seriously screw it up? Opinions are all over the spectrum. Come give us yours." ( Windsor Rose) 

8-10 pm: A Dr. Trek Show Crowdfunder party for The Con of Wrath, (Clarendon Room)

And maybe some more to crash, who knows. 

Hope to see y'all SoCallers there!

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