Sunday, March 6, 2016

No joke: I'm Cleveland-bound for CONcoction!

Time for another personal first: My first trip to Cleveland and meeting all those North Coast fans ... the weekend of March 11-13 at locally produced CONcoction scifi/media con at the airport Sheraton!

The CONcoction folks were good enough to track me down at SoonerCon, and allow me to include Enterprise in Space—which has grown so in scope and partners this past year and is still hungry for "virtual crew" —and now with perk levels.

What's more, I'm looking forward to seeing to seeing some of our varied Star Trek Continues crew/crew from the area, too.

CONCoction is another surviving old-school model sci-fi/media con—even though it's only been around for three years. It;s really been booming!

Here's my schedule—and I'll also be tabling, and finding more willing Portal 47 deep-divers as well:


2 pm, Main Progr/Orion— Trekland "Between the Cracks"—including "Enterprise in Space"  News of today, memories of the past, projections into the future, and in-jokes from it all.

5 pm
, Main Progr/Orion—Opening Ceremonies: Scene-setters and thank-yous

11:30 pm
Main Progr/Orion ConCoction Variety Show: Yes, I'll finally break down a con stage and warble.


1  pm, Main Progr/Orion— "Sci-Fi in Hollywood" (actual panel, with other guests)

2  pm, Pegasus/Progr. 2— "State of the Trek" Fan Forum: Come connect dots with us --there's sure a lot of new ones lately! —and vent if you need to. To me, or other fans. 

7-9 pm
, CON SUITE —"Dr. Trek Show" crowdfunder for The Con of Wrath, my doc: A convention staple by now, as we head into the last year of work. Your chance to get screen credit for $20 plus a live show of my sneak peeks, rare video, trivia prizes and backstage tales.

(We are early at this con so the nightlife can re-commence for everyone...!)


A table-only day before closing at 2 pm or so— so perfect for getting some one-on-one time.

Really, guys: I've never been in this part of the country for anything, much less a convention—I'm really looking forward to checking in with the Cleveland region fans...and thanks again to Eric and the ConCoction team for having me.

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