Thursday, March 17, 2016

We ARE going to Sci-Fi Scarborough, mates—and you?

Our UK drought is really over, now—thanks to SciFi Scarborough, a growing convention on the northeast English seacoast, who has us heading across the pond for a big Trek 5-0 splash with all things #Trekland April 9-10. A Victorian-era spa locale... and good tickets left, too!

All those years of working long-distance with Londoners at the old Fact Files... and the nearly 20 years (wow) I've logged my Fistful of Data column in the UK-based Star Trek magazine ... and yet DSTL in late 2014 was the first time in over a dozen years I'd got to mix it up with all the great UK fans. Way overdue, and just gobsmacked to gin up with those exuberant Brits!

(Thanks to Southside Broadcasting and SirenFM host Alex Lewczuk and gang for just having me on to talk all things Trek, Trekland, and the looming clambake in Scarborough—archived now here, 20 minutes starting at 24:20).

Aside from opening a European front (and time-zone) for Portal 47... and spreading the global future-leaning student excitement for Enterprise in Space... I'm also thrilled to be adapting my "Dr. Trek Show" benefit for "The Con of Wrath" to a large club-stage venue and a lot more eyeballs. They're even doing some special photo shoots at SFS, too.

Plus, it's the first overseas convention that Janet will be along with me in, what —six years? So, Scarbsers, get your glory-days Hart Building Trek BTS questions lined up! 

See? Just look at that cross-genre guest line-up... my fellows from Garrett Wang onward.

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