Saturday, April 2, 2016

Me at #SciFiScarbs: Two hot updates not to miss

So yes, you Brit Treklanders bound for SciFi Scarborough—you know I'm headed your way in just a week! 

But do you know the deets on my TWO special SFS events—one of them limited seating... and the other just announced, and free?

First off: They tell me ONLY 60 TICKETS!  Get yours now for the biggest-ever, stage-sized edition of "Dr. Trek Show" in support of The Con of Wrath documentary —in the adjacent Crescent Hotel theatre at 8 pm Saturday (2000 hours), with LIMITED SEATING.  Tickets available in advance from the hotel (email, or by phone at 01723 360 929; I'll have some at my table on Saturday, too.  Click in on the Facebook event page to let me know you are en route.

But that's already on the grid. Guess what else I just came up with? 

Are you already going to be in Scarbs for Con Eve Friday? Want to catch me and some hot project news ahead of the con? 

Then get yourself over to my informal Trekland meetup at 8 pm at the Crescent Hotel bar— and pass the word! If you're an SFS early-bird and you know your dilithium from a deflector dish, you better be at the Crescent Hotel's bar for a special hour of readings, a prize drawing, and my first-ever chance to bring you U.K. fans some exciting news ... LIVE!  You'll be the first in all Europe to hear it. 

A Facebook event page click for that is always a big help, too.

I always love meeting and talking with Trek fans in a new locale... even moreso when I get out of the States to do it. It's always refreshing and re-energizing ... and often eye-opening, too. I'm really, really looking forward to sharing and interpreting the best of Trekland with "all y'all." 


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