Friday, March 18, 2016

Last day! Harlan's CITY audiobook stretch goal perks

Hey, crew—with so MUCH Trekland news and projects flying by in subspace, it's hard to keep up, I know. I know! 

But I'm been lax to talk about a wonderful project I got to be part of— the audiobook of Harlan Ellison's original "City of the Edge of Forever" scripts and the saga in-between, from Skyboat Media... and today is the final day (4 pm Pacific/ 7 pm Eastern) to be part of it all and get perks for its stretch goals from a smashing Kickstarter drive!

You saw the graphic novel a couple years ago under CBS' wing... THIS is an audiobook of that once-published story PLUS all the drafts before, scripted or not—PLUS Harlan's version of the story then and over the years, as only he can "set it straight." And you know the salt content of Harlan's personal logs...

Talented voices bring life to Beckwith, Trooper, LeBeque, and all the other characters you never knew (along with Sister Edith and the Trek regulars, of course)  from the Writer's Guild-winning version that later became the Hugo-award winning classic TOS episode...including LeVar Burton as the narrator...and moi, who tosses in a commentary (along with David Gerrold, D.C. Fontana, et al—great company!) —and the pivotal (koff, koff) role of a transporter chief.

The KS drive and the stretch goals chance ends at 4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern TODAY, so check it out!

And get some samples of iconic Harlan, and the likes of Jean Smart and the cast, here:

Twill be out from Skyboat Media, Harlan's longtime audio publisher, by summer convention time. Look for it! They'll be boothing at Vegas, #STLV— and I'll have more here, too.

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