Saturday, May 14, 2016

Onion moment on 'Conan': Star Trek still too popular?

Sure, it's a fun clip... played for laughs by Conan & crew.

But it brings up a larger question:

Is it a good thing that we live in a world where Star Trek has gone so mainstream, having helped lead the successful geek revolution ... that it smacks of joyless canonista to point out that an actual "lost" TOS-era clip would have had swarthy, smooth-head Klingons—not ridgeheads?

Or would that prove the fact that once again Trekfen can't take a joke, and can't be equally ridiculed on the mainstage as all other aspects of culture should be open to?

I mean, you can be a clueless fan and call in to Conan to correct that... and you know it'll just lead to more comebacks that will prove the point Or already have.

Where DO you draw the line? And no father?  #firstworldgenremetaproblems

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