Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sorry, Houston—but hello, Phoenix: Trekland is en route!

5/21/16 UPDATE: Due to our lone but major Con of Wrath shoot subject's medical emergency, this Houston trip has been postponed—and, thus, our appearance at Space City. The con was a late add-on to this trip, thanks to SCCC, so it made no sense to go at this time. I miss the chance to talk with local fans about their knowledge of our subject—or not!

Check it out: I'll now be seeing you fine fan folks for two days of Space City Comic-Con in Houston May 27-28 —tied in with our last planning shooting trip for "The Con of Wrath"—AND at Phoenix Comicon over its final three days, June 3-5.

That all just came together in the last three weeks or so—and my con calendar just got a lot busier even further afield. Houston details are in flux, but here's what I can tell you:

Aside from planning my own panel and a table at Houston Space City, I'll also be joining our Star Trek Continues gang on site — Chris, Michelle, Chuck and guest Gigi— for at least one panel, too, around the 2 p.m. Saturday screening.

Most of all, because we'll be in the HOME TOWN of "The Con of Wrath,"  aka Ultimate Fantasy and HoustonCon 1982... we'll be filming some special footage with random Trek fans for the documentary as well. And within the bowels of Space City, I'll be talking Enterprise in Space, too, of course.

Meanwhile a week later in downtown Phoenix, here's the skinny on me for PHXCC: two true panels and my solo Trekland shot at 3 p.m. Saturday.

"PHXCC" also looks to be the first for one of my pioneering Portal 47 perks: a local meetup for member deep-divers in a given area where I'm a con guest. And, apparently, our Phoenix colony insists on it.

The venues are TBA, but at BOTH cons you can count on a "Dr. Trek Show" crowdfunder party for the doc, as I've hosted across the country since 2012—two hours of prize trivia, rare Trek video, sneak peeks from "Con of Wrath"....and Portal-like tales from me. Stay tuned, and make sure to be "liked" on both my Trekland and "Con of Wrath" Facebook pages to keep up. 

If you're going to be on hand at either event, make sure to come say hello or make it to a panel—or even to "Dr. Trek."

We'll also update this and a stand-alone
post for Houston as it gets closer in.

Oh—and still later: Aside from my regular summer con schedule of late, note also that I'll now be a guest again finally at hallowed Shore Leave in Baltimore July 15-17, and a Library Portal Trek tour across mid-Michigan in September! More on all that later as well, too.

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