Tuesday, May 31, 2016

THIS WEEK: Trekland and Portal 47 are Phoenix-bound!

Yes, it's been out there for a while, but here's a quick look at the details for this weekend when Phoenix Comicon is awesome enough to have me back as a guest.  Gates and Robert B. will be repping Trek for its 50th year at PHXCC, as well.

If you go to the link above, you can click in for my table and panels, and all others, in your own scheduler called ConQuest.

I can't wait to connect up with our Phoenix-region fans old and new. I'm especially on the hunt for JJ-era fans... I really want to talk to you, or hoping the vets reading this can steer me to some of them.

Oh—and it's supposed to be a load of dry heat all weekend—so undress accordingly!


Look for me this day and all four days at Table AA1726 in the southeast corner in Autograph Alley. We'll have a FREE DRAWING for a Trekland Trunk artifact and a couple of Portal 47 "two free month" passes, plus "On Speaker" CDs, maybe a rare copy of the TNG Companion,  and info for non-profit Enterprise in Space.

I'll have table hours of 11-6 apart from lunch AND:
1:30 pm,
North 232ABC—Star Trek: A 50th Retrospective— An actual panel. I'll try to keep up with some esteemed fans, before I get my solo shot Saturday.
6 pm,
North 229AB— Continuing Voyages: Books & Comics—Another actual panel!

You can find me at the table from 11-6, besides lunch AND:
3 pm,
North 229AB—Trekland: The Not-So-Final Frontier of Trek at 50!HERE is the annual update of my signature show, with so much going on!

8-10 pm, Hyatt Room (TBA Thursday)—Dr. Trek's Show crowdfunder for The Con of Wrath Why give $20 to get your screen credit and support my real-life doc— in its last year  of filming—when you could come live and get so much more? Two hours of prize trivia, rare Trek clips and sneak peeks from George, Walter, Nichelle, the late Harve Bennett ... and unauthorized stories from me! More on the project and being a supporter here.


No panels, but I'll be at Table AA1726 to close out the weekend.

However, there's a good bet we might locate a meetup somewhere for you local stragglers. Any ideas?

This weekend I'll have a few "founding" PORTAL 47 deep-divers as well who will exercise this con for their drinks meetup benefit—and that will be TBA.

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