Monday, June 6, 2016

All I know's what I read on [public] Twitter

Hey, I'm as up for a little Internet hits-n-glory as the next um, millennial… 

But the reports of my having "announced" or "broken" news re: the writing staff of the new Star Trek 2017 series are … greatly exaggerated, to steal a line from Mark Twain. I did see an exciting, and almost unbelievable public Tweet from show writer Kemp Powers about Joe Menosky, and mentioned it during a panel at Phoenix ComicCon, betraying my own excitement about it. But one audience tweet later, and you'd think I unmasked Watergate's Deep Throat.  I've tried to clarify the detail, but to no avail. 

Gotta love the Internet…. or not. Making news for having eyes! 

And hey. I love PHXCC (more to come on that).. but what IS it about Phoenix writers and me? 

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