Sunday, June 12, 2016

On a day like today, HERE's how to apply Trek therapy

Back to "5-0 Fever"and more videos in a second....

But today, on this tragically historic day of the biggest mass shooting in US history... followed on soon by the discovery of an Indiana kid in L.A. trying to make his own anti-gay mark... I've seen lots of numb, mourning, sad folks online sharing their grief, talking, and even railing about all the topics-turned-hotspots: Literally, the ol' guns, gays and God wrapped up in one bloody package for legitimate discussion, hot debate, and of course political opportunism ...whether anything really changes, or not.

And of course from Trekland's perch I see a lot of Trek fans, somewhere along the numbness spectrum, announcing they're just about to go off and binge-watch a chunk o'Trek to escape and chill out in their beloved universe where such crap doesn't happen.


Because, really—to be truthful and credit Gene Roddenberry and his writer-descendants... the "perfect" 23rd and 24th centuries were often times not seen to be so—and at times dispensed with teh alien metaphor and came close to home.

What comes to mind? Well, if you do an "escape bingewatch" today... what about gender equality in TNG's "The Outcast," the paranoid fascism of DS9's "Past Tense" I & II (above) or "Homefront/Paradise Lost" ... theology tyranny in "In The Hands Of the Prophets" or Voyager's "Distant Origin"... or Enterprise's xenophobic dive into "Demons/ Terra Prime"? 

Then maybe wind it all up with TOS's "Day of The Dove," and wish we could find our planet's rotating ball of noncorporeal hate-consuming light sparkles...and deal with it all as easily as that.

And then go curl up and watch "Tribbles" or "Piece of the Action," and hug those pillows, loved ones or both.

And keep dreaming—and working—for "The Big Bird's Dream," each in your own way. 

In other words: Keep on Trekkin'... with meaning.

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