Saturday, July 9, 2016

First time in 13 years: Trekland is back to Shore Leave!

I'm so excited: I'm finally getting back East to a convention, and what a granddaddy of the old-school Trek fan cons it is: Shore Leave in Baltimore, where recent years' summer con/tour timing blocked my return for the first time since 2003, when the final TNG Companion black-cover edition came out. A lifetime ago!

It's not too late at all for you to get there, either!

We're even doing a reporter-survivor interview for The Con of Wrath while there—and of course I'm going to find time to get by to see the Great Lady "E" back in her refurbished state and restored place of honor at the Smithsonian Air and Space. Can't wait to meet and thank fellow guest, Curator Margaret Weitekamp, in person for helping make that far-flung project come true.

Shore Leave is notable as the biggest summit every year of the New York Trek author mafia, and believe you me I'm much feeling my rookie status at joining this august and dangerous group as the interloper. I only hope they will be kind, since I finally deigned to stray "back East"—or "Back Mid-Atlantic," as I am constantly corrected to say.

Shore Leave is back once again at the venerable Hunt Valley Inn in Baltimore's north suburbs, and I can't wait. I have a mix of author panels and some solos, and I'll have everything from all things Trekland and another PORTAL 47 prize draw to Enterprise in Space and, of course this year—joining in that illustrious Shore Leave author and actor guest list to celebrate Trek's 50th.

I also hope to have, finally, an East Coast opportunity for the "Dr. Trek Show" to crowdfund for the Con of Wrath—stay tuned!

I'll post a schedule update soon.

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