Saturday, August 1, 2009

Trek2Chuck IV: Comic*Con edition

One of the guilty pleasures this old cynic still allows himself is NBC's Chuck, whose fans just helped fight for a third season (midyear premiere). And that attraction is not just due to the many Treklanders who work there now, as I have shared here—including Robbie McNeill.

At the Comic*Con Chuck panel, though, producer-director Robbie was content to just chat from the sideline ...("Hi to all," he tells me, "and watch CHUCK!")

...while his cast and bosses crowded the stage (he's done his share of these things before, you see, from some old show or another).

Anxious Chuck fans should know: the Chuck panel had 4500+ SRO crammed into Balltoom 20 and hundreds turned away, the cast and head writers overflowed their stage table main panel, and their press post-room was literally crammed with print, video and bloggers coming to an interface point near you already. NBC has the panel video up.

We've got video of the chaotic press room scene to post as soon as we can... Meanwhile, cast and crew report back to film the new season Aug. 6.

Beyond the Trek connection, it really is a fun, adorable and deceptively complex show—check out the official fan site Chuck Me Out or the best real fan site,

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