Sunday, March 11, 2012

Podcasts, The Tour: We're on 'Tribbles' and 'Treks'

As our podcasting tour blitz rolls on, here's two more wonderful pods that you should be listening to... who were also good enough to have me on for the first time ever amid this busy 2012. As usual, once I get the plugs out of the way, there's time to wax wacky on several Trek subjects—and both are available to download NOW:

First, Xander and the gang at Tribbles in Ecstasy have me on here along with my Hollywood-to-Vegas Trek Film Site Tour boss Teras of Geek Nation Tours ... and what was supposed to be a 15-minute plug turned into a two-hour geek out on things Trek canon AND Trek biz. Yes indeed, what a hoot was their Episode 29, "Another One Rides the Bus." If you want to hear more and get it as it happens, these guys have the enviable feat of being carried LIVE by, AND

And then hang on for Rico's 374th show for his "Treks in Sci-Fi" cast, where I solo on about the Tour, THE CON OF WRATH, and probably more old stories and new insight than you know what to do with!

Hey, now that that's all said—I would sincerely like to hear back from you guys about my guest spots on these podcasts. Are they boring? Are they a decent mix of Trek business and Trek pleasure? Too long, too short? Too dry, too wacked? You tell me ...

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