Sunday, June 10, 2012

Peeps time! See you back home at SoonerCon 21 in OKC

Of course it's cool because I get to visit family ... but the recent restart of SoonerCon and my guesting trips there get me back to my sci-fi and Trek "family" as well—lots of old familiar faces (and all the newer ones since the L.A. move, too.)

Plus, SoonerCon 21—next weekend, June 15-17 at the downtown Sheraton— is one helluva a grass-roots convention in its own right, its subtext showcasing Oklahoma's fandom explosion: filmmakers, pro comic artists, steampunk, costumers, small press, as well as the usual litfan, gaming, anime, and media hijinks. They're on Facebook, too.

Especially cool this year is that I finally get a chance to bring another "Meetup/Fundraiser for THE CON OF WRATH"—my documentary, of course—to the hometown crowd on this 2012 convention "crowdfunding" party tour: 10 pm.-12 midnight Saturday in The Boardroom: the usual hijinks but with a red dirt flavor I'm sure. Special guest: fellow Okie and onetime fanguy-turned-San Diego game designer/filmmaker Neal Hallford, my DP!  If you are an SCon attendee and on Facebook, click on the Meetup/Fundraiser FB Event page and come on over!

I can't wait—and here's hoping the FIFTH one will be the biggest and funnest one yet.  Just bring enough run & coke, and no one gets hurt ...

I only regret that the lovely McKenzie Westmore, host of SyFy's Face-Off whom I helped get to SCon, had the dang show change shoot dates on her and force a last-minute cancellation. year for OKC, she promises!  (Maybe even with her dad, Trek makeup maestro and Oscar winner Michael.)

So, bottom line: If you are in the Oklahoma/Arkansas/Kansas/Texas region and have NOT made your SoonerCon plans, DO IT NOW.

Meanwhile, my own panel schedule:

Friday 4-5 PM: Speed Drawing Competition, Host

Saturday, 4-5 PM: Real Panel: "Hope In Warp Speed:  The Ethics of Star Trek in the 21st Century", moderator, with Eric Flint as a panelist

Saturday, 6-7 PM: "Larry's Trekland:  Between the Cracks 2012": from the archives as usual, but with a SoonerCon twist
Saturday, 10-12 PM: Meetup/fundraiser for CON OF WRATH, per above

... and some table time for the TCOW and TREKLAND, of course.

And while in town, fanfolk, take a break and go south one hour to see the National Toy and Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley, right on I-35. I kid you not. (Take that, East/West Coast fan snobs. If there are any.)

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