Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lag's over— just in time for Grand Slam & Gallifrey!

You will please excuse my absence the past three weeks from TREKLAND, guys'n'gals—although you might catch me at the right moment late-night at Trekland on Facebook, and on Twitter. (On a break. In tiny, tiny little time windows.)  Did I spoil you with that flurry of posts and videos here in December?

You see, deadlines and shoot schedules are a cruel master*. But what I need to let you know this week is that I'll be on hand for two—count'em TWO—conventions this President's Day weekend in SoCal:
—This FRIDAY, I'll be at the annual Gallifrey One con at the LAX Marriott—nominally a huge Who con, my buddy Shaun Lyon has enough "media" guests and programming in that there's plenty to support crossover Trek fans.
My "Between the Cracks 2013" panel show is at 1:30 pm for an hour, PLUS I'll be tabling as well with news of some Trek stored stuff to sell, hopefully locally.

—And SATURDAY, for the resurrection of their big Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit brand, I'll see you there while sharing a table with De Kelley biographer Terry Rioux (her book at left), with Tour and CD info a-plenty.

And Sunday? Who knows where I'll perch. You'll hear about it on Facebook and Twitter, at least.

On BOTH sites, I'll have Trekland on CD copies for sale, info on what's different for the 2013 Trek "LA2Vegas" film site tour... and I hope to have night-time meetup-fundraisers again at one or both cons for The Con of Wrath, as we gear up for a new film round this March. Con fans across the country came out all last year, but I've never had one of these "shows" in my home town—well, new home, anyway.

And part of the magic is that they are impromptu—so stay tuned on all subspace Twitter and Facebook channels if you are not present but nearby, and want to jump in.

And then, I promise—more Trekland here very very soon.* A bunch has been going on all over, in case you too are behind.

*Let me just say—quickly for now—that I still have our David Goodman video series to finish posting, PLUS video from the Star Trek Continues shoot in January (and yes, I have still-fresh thoughts on that incredible odyssey of playing McCoy to share, when I catch a breath). I've even picked up a fan club (oh boy). Plus all that other Trek going on on Blu-rays and such. (I hear there's a movie or something, coming.)

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