Sunday, March 10, 2013

MegaCon, megacool: See you in Orlando!

Whoa, this MegaCon in Orlando this weekend must be a big deal. Even if they did invite me.

I mean, yet another TNG cast reunion—the first in the Southeast—is a huge draw, yes, But I've got tweeps telling me they're coming in from Europe for it! (And tickets on site and area retailers ARE still available.)

I know I've been slow to let you know what's what—but on the heels of a great weekend in Seattle for Emerald City Comicon last weekend, plus That Secret Non-Fiction Trek Book sucking up my time—there's barely been breathing room. But have no fear!—I will be all revved up and ready for Orlando, only my second trip to a Florida con after we hit the Vulcan Away Mission there a ways back—where not only did we make a lot of new friends, but the generational turn of fandom made yet another direct connection on me. Right between the eyes.

Yes it was my first trip there, but boy was everyone embracing. I already have a special in-joke Voyager script page ready this time to show @LorrieS68—and all y'all. And Nicholas Roche shocked me with this hellacious custom "Faces" photo job of me to sign for him!

Umm... yes, overwhelming is the word.

So, coming up at MegaCon, here's the scoop:

—SAT at 2 p.m. (Rm 222, Mr. Dixon) we've got our updated "Between the Cracks" Trekland show with that JJ flick only a few weeks away‚ much less all the other hot Trek stuff going on I can and cannot yet talk about! But I'm sure we can poke fun. And hopefully have some Q&A too.

SUN at 10:10 am (Rm 224C-H) we've got a reward for all you bright-n-shiny risers: An outpost edition of our Rapid-Fire Trek Trivia with a lot of cool prizes, of course.

—PLUS— a first for NorFla*: After the TNG cast reunion at 6:30-8 p.m, I'll throw a MegaCon-sized meetup-fundraiser party from 9-11 p.m. for THE CON OF WRATH, as we have done over the past year's cons. For $20 and your usual crowd-funded screen credit, you also get a crack at prize trivia, rare Trek clips, doc sneak-peeks...  and my mouth loosened with libation for about any Trek story you can pry out of me. Meet us at the DENNY'S private room (wine and beers available), right there at 9880 International Drive just down from the OC Convention Center—and stay tuned: it's a good time to tweet with me @larrynemecek or on Facebook at Trekland to keep up as the weekend goes along.

—And I'll be at my table in the signing room, with photos, attic prizes like old scripts, my Trekland: On Speaker CDs, and Klingon PADD fundraisers for The Con Of Wrath...and a lot of Trek yack. Any requests? For relics or loose-lips topics?

The fact that a chunk of our Star Trek Continues backers and crew are all over NorFla, plus the fact our Kirk and executive producer and Good Captain JTK, Vic Mignogna, is a MegaCon guest as well, is just icing on the tribble cake for this trip. Who knows what hijinks may ensue.

I'm a little scared. This may be an awesome weekend.

If you are in the area—which apparently includes Scotland and Germany—come out an make it even awesomer!

*I don't know whether or not this is a marketing handle for the North-of-I-4 region of Florida... but it ought to be. I enjoy saying it even more than typing it.

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