Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"The Captains" poster winners from EPIX and Trekland

We have our winners!

Thanks to the offer from EPIX, promoting the release of those five new half-hour Captains' Close-Up spin-offs from William Shatner's The Captains on the eve of JJTrek II, this poster of Starfleet's finest is now en route to these trivia hounds, who are also our newest and smartest "official" Treklanders! It's a very signable print, perfect for something new to be con-graphed.

Congrats go out all over the country to:
Julie Gray
Seattle, WA

Melodie Maynor
Box Elder, SD

Christian Burris
Winston-Salem, NC

Meg Fouty
Nitro WV

Bob Slade
Grain Valley MO

J.W. Grabiak
Las Vegas, NV

Andrew Voth
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Mike Frazier
Mount Holly NC

Karen Brown
Virginia Beach, VA 

Thanks again for jumping in to enter another Trekland event, guys.

(BTW: The correct answer to the trivia question...

 "All of Star Trek's five lead captains are fictitiously said to have been born in the onetime United States of America ... except who?"
...was of course "Picard.")

Don't forget: You can still check the EPIX listings for TV repeats of, or just catch any of this Shatnerpalooza online at the site as well if EPIX is not available on your local system.

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