Monday, July 8, 2013

Trekland in Comic-Con: Lots to see & do amid the mob!

Whoa! Time to go attack another San Diego Comic-Con!

Trekland will be making its usual rounds and appearances across all four days of San Diego Comic-Con—with two sales sittings in Autograph Alley and a Saturday night panel—and of course a meetup for "The Con of Wrath" after our San Diego hootenanny was a hit last year (below). We'll also be moderating the panel for the New Starship Foundation Ent-D restoration and museum with Huston H., and around their huge floor photo-op.

So, check it out—my known whereabouts for San Diego:


2:30-7 pm: Autograph Alley Booth 25, 2:30-7 p.m. Trekland CDs, photos and Star Trek Continues goodies: and flea market old 80s movie buttons!


2:30-5:30 p.m.: Autograph Alley Booth 25 (ditto of Friday).

5:30-6:20 p.m.: I moderate Huston Huddleston's New Starship Foundation panel on the Enterprise-D bridge restoration museum. Boy has THIS been building from the original exciting yet simple idea we showed you before anyone else did... you have to come hear the latest, and throw some feedback as well.

7:30-8:20 p.m.: OUR Panel: The Con of Wrath update and more—some raw footage, and who knows what else from Trekland (new projects, anyone?). Welcome DP Neal Hallford and our other associates Lex Wochner and Dawn Gagliano, too!

(If you are going, click HERE to "Log in" early at the SDCC site. There's already 51 signed on ... and you can do the same for other panels.)

9:30-11:30 p.m.: The "Con of Wrath" benefit meetup: Once again, as we've been doing live at cons across the country: you chip in $20 for a screen credit BUT get two hours live of the Dr. Trek Show!: prize trivia, rare Trek clips and raw doc footage.... and a screen credit, of course. Site in Gaslamp area backroom bar TBD.

I'll also likely try to support the projects of friends like the new version of Trek-vs.Wars psychology debate, the Roddenberry panels and Mission Log podcast, and Marc Zicree's Space name but a few.

I won't be camped there 24/7, but it's a good bet I'll be around Huston's gye-normous Enterprise-D photo-op spread on the Main Floor at times as well.

It's amazing how much SDCC has changed just since I started going in 2005—or that I feel like a battle-hardened veteran about it all now. I already know I'll be seeing a lot of old friends and maybe even transact some commerce.

So please—any Treklanders in the neighborhood, come by at least once to say hello. AND survive the week. I have slots open ... !