Tuesday, June 24, 2014

SoonerCon's always special for me—and now, with Vic!

Another fast con turnaround — no time for posting new vidchats or Trunk offerings, sorry! — but this time it's for the roots.

Yes, it's time for my annual pilgrimmage to SoonerCon — and a few days' visit "back home."

That's why, big or small, nothing compares to my now-annual trip back to OKC and catching up with both fan-friends and everybody else from my first 35 years on this planet... as much as I can! Once again, I want to thank Jerry Wall and Leonard "Confather" Bishop for having me back as a featured guest, even though Trekland is hardly a big chunk of interest there. Anime is growing amid the multi-program tracks that already focus on gaming, guests for a huge art show and authors' panels, live role-play, and a cosplay/costuming track so big it's sponsored by Bernina of OKC. Yep, SoonerCon 23 is emerging from its traditonal lit-con roots to embrace media and continues on the rise since the 2006 re-startup. (By the way, Midwest City is a southeast OKC suburb, minutes from downtown and Bricktown off I-40.)

This year will be fun for me as they have mon capitan Vic Mignogna in as the anime GoH, as SCon grows that track of its programming. Even as, of course, Vic pulls double duty across genres and "helps" me out with the American big-screen debut of Star Trek Continues' Mirror epic, "Fairest of Them All." With luck I'll get him down to Norman for some eats—or at least over to Cattlemen's, eh?

Most of all, I look forward to connecting once again with all the "new", post-90s goings on in Red Dirt Fandom—as I finally realized a few years back that coming to SoonerCon needed to be more than "old home week" for me. There is so much go on in Oklahoma with indie filmmaking and all the new genres repping upand even in Trek fandom, where newer folks know me only from the Companion, STC, Stellar Cartography and all those podcasts—not so much from the "old days" of ThunderCon, and schlepping my concordance fanzines every year. (I just hope I can also make a run up to Claremore to check in on the Will Rogers Memorial again—it's been a few.)

As for me at SCon, I'll have all things Trekland on hand—including my "Trekland: On Speaker Vol. 2 for "All Good Things", and the latest on "The Con of Wrath"—plus news of my two new non-profit boards I'm spending time on: the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum, fresh off its "Bureacratic Kickstarter" to amp up sponsors for actual opening, and the looming "Enterprise in Space" real-world orbiter mission, about to kick off in July.

So, hey—if you're in easy driving range of OKC (and that's several states' worth, for a 3-4 hour drive) it's still not too late to get these ridiculously reasonable membership rates and come on down, still. Just better come on down and say "Dr. Trek sent me!"

I mean, just CHECK OUT all the guests and this full weekend schedule—much less my part of it:

8:00 pm        Ballroom C - Main Programming Star Trek Continues 
2:00 pm Ballroom C - Main Programming Larry's Trekland: Between the Cracks
4:00 pm Ballroom C - Main Programming Star Trek Continues
10:00 pm Parlor Room 103 (Sheraton) "Con of Wrath" Meetup CrowdFunder 

1:00 pm       Ballroom C - Main Programming What Star Trek Means to Me (panel)
2:00 pm       Artist's Alley  downstairs Autographs

I'll be tabling much of the weekend, too.

So tell me—any Treklanders headed in? (Crappy hits-whore bloggers, YOU can stay home.)

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